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The Original Architect - EP. 36

|1h 17m
The first episode of the Conversations with Tech Experts Founder's Series features Matt Wormley, the original architect of Experts Exchange and Sr. Software Engineer at Adobe.  Matt joins Experts Exchange CEO Randy Redberg for a special live interview to discuss the details of how EE was created way back in 1996. The conversation starts with Matt revealing how the initial idea for EE came about and how the founding members decided to build the site. He moves on to discuss the challenges they faced early on - including only having one single computer in Matt's closet that the entire site was running off of.  Matt reveals how he feels about EE 25 years after it was created - and why he still believes in the community.

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Matt Wormley
Matt Wormley is a founder and the original architect of Experts Exchange. He is now a Sr. Software Engineer at Adobe Systems and lives in San Luis Obispo, CA. 

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