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Expert Roundtable - EP. 40

This episode of Conversations with Tech Experts features EE Experts Jim Dettman, Clemens Hoffmann, Rob Jurd, and Scott Fell. They join EE CEO Randy Redberg and Director of Community Kasey Hart for a roundtable discussion at the 2022 Rebirth Virtual Event about the future of the Experts Exchange community. They discuss things like the recommitment to the community, product updates coming in 2022, and updates to the referral and T-Shirt programs as well.

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Rob JurdEE Moderator
This podcast is audio taken from the 2022 Rebirth Virtual Event. On January 21, 2022, the EE community gathered together to celebrate the beginning of a new era! At the event - we announced that our organization is recommitting to the EE community & showcased our updated brand identity that is meant to reflect the community’s rich history. The learn more about the Rebirth Event - click here:

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