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Finding Joy in Community - EP. 44

This episode of Conversations with Tech Experts features Alicia St. Rose, WordPress Developer at WP with Heart. She joins Experts Exchange Director of Operations Thomas Bernal & Director of Community Kasey Hart to discuss her unique perspective on the tech industry. The conversation starts with Alicia's career background and how she became interested in WP development. They finish with her wider perspective on technology and how her side career as an artist has helped her become a better developer and designer.

About the Expert

Alicia St RoseWordPress Dev & WordPress Coach
I've been a web designer since 2006 and a custom WordPress Developer since 2009. I am a WordPress Passionista! I've spoken at several west coast WordCamps. And presented, virtually, at meetups across the US. I'm the owner of WP with Heart, a micro agency where I build custom WordPress sites and also provide one on one coaching for the DIY website builder. I am an Accessibility advocate and eager to share how important it is that the web is accessible to all.

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