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From Teacher to Tech Pro - EP. 45

This episode of Conversations with Tech Experts features Bob Schneider, owner of Gopher State Events. He joins Experts Exchange CEO Randy Redberg and Director of Operations Thomas Bernal to discuss how his passion for technology and long-distance running helped him start his own successful business. The conversation starts with an introduction to Bob and his career as a teacher and why he gravitated toward the technology space. Then, they move into how Bob is using EE to help him maintain his business that supports timing software for long-distance races.

About the Expert

I was a high school math teacher for most of my career.  I live in Minnesota with my wife Gina. I have three children, the youngest of which is a freshman at Iowa State University.

For most of my life I was a pretty serious runner (15:38 5K and 2:38 marathon if that means anything :) ).  When I could not run anymore due to an injury sustained while coaching basketball, I started a business in 2002.  This evolved into Gopher State Events, LLC (  Our primary purpose is to time fitness event races (5K, marathon, triathlon, etc.), including high school cross-country running and Nordic skiing.  We are also working on a fitness app (  Currently it is a mobile-friendly web site but we hope to contract an entity to rewrite it as a native app (Android and iPhone) when we get a bit further down the road on it's development.

For the most part I do my own web programming (Classic ASP) and have created two desktop race timing programs in vb6.  I have relied heavily on Experts Exchange over the years to continue to move forward on these ventures.

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