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Between the Sheets - EP. 47

This episode of Conversations with Tech Experts features Bob Flisser, Technology Course Author and Excel Expert. He joins Experts Exchange Director of Community Kasey Hart and Brand Manager Mason Brown to discuss how he became one of the top Excel teachers in the world and to promote his new video podcast on the EE Podcast Network called "Between the Sheets."

About the Expert

Bob FlisserAuthor
Bob Flisser has been providing computer training services since the early 1980s. Since 1990, he has been providing consulting and technical writing services as well as creating multimedia presentations and print material. Bob started doing web development in 1995. His video courses have been distributed by several publishers and he is the co-author of a dozen computer books. Bob also has written courseware and magazine articles, has created and run corporate training centers, and has been a member of the Adobe Illustrator beta test team since 2013.

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