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Guys, Are you interested to join Microsoft Azure & Azure Stack group for discussion? Please do join the group using the below URL and make this community bigger.
Get Blueprints for Increased Customer Retention
Get Blueprints for Increased Customer Retention

The IT Service Excellence Tool Kit has best practices to keep your clients happy and business booming. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to increase client satisfaction and retention, become more competitive, and increase your overall success.

Up Close With the Atari VCS,39647.html

This looks like it could be really cool and versitile.  You can even install Windows 10.
This link is useful for determining what AWS service you need
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by:Martin Nguyen
Thanks for the warning Thomas!

Here is the Google Calendar spoof/social engineering hack you mentioned. Thanks for the reminder to post it!
If after applying VMware vSphere (ESXi) security update -  ESXi-6.7.0-20190504001-standard (Build 13644319) - and adding VMkernel.Boot.hyperthreadingMitigation = TRUE After restarting ESXi you notice half the number of logical processors (e.g. hyperthreading disabled!) - this is NORMAL!. "Enabling this option will result in the vSphere UI reporting only a single logical processor per physical core; halving the number of logical processors if Hyperthreading was previously enabled. In addition Hyperthreading may be reported as 'Disabled' in various configuration tabs."

BEFORE UPDATE VMkernel.Boot.hyperthreadingMitigation = false
Before Update
AFTER UPDATE VMkernel.Boot.hyperthreadingMitigation = true
After Update applied

Azure Service Connectivity failed, Unable to Procced: Azure AD Connect Error
In my recent assignment, I was configuring new Azure AD Connect Server and helping the customer to decommission the older one. However, while configuring the Azure AD Connect Server, we encountered below error:

Azure Service Connectivity failed, Unable to Procced:
The on-premises synchronization service is not able to connect to the Azure Active Directory, Updating the proxy settings for the AD sync account may resolve this issue.

To resolve this issue, please follow below steps:

1: Verify proxy connectivity

2: Check Proxy Settings in Internet Explorer

3: Modify the Machine.config file as suggested in below URL

Once you modify these file. Please reboot your server once
Attention all Article and Mini Video Tutorial Authors

One of our highly valued members and authors - Joe Winograd - has written a small program that any author at Experts Exchange should find highly useful. Links below:

Article: How to download number of Views, Endorsements, Points for Experts Exchange Articles and Videos

Video: How to download number of Views, Endorsements, Points for Experts Exchange Articles and Videos--Demo

Check them out and be sure to endorse one or both if you find it as useful as I have!

Regards, Andrew
Hi Everyone,

While the new user interface is still in beta, I encourage new and existing users alike to review my article here:

Experts Exchange - Feature Guide

If has a lot of links to things that aren't immediately obvious to be enjoyed at Experts Exchange - and if you do find it useful, please do click the thumbs-up icon to endorse it as such.

Best, Andrew
Thanks to all who participated!!!! I was stuck.  I had to create these buttons but was not adept enough at Photoshop to do the job.  I had almost all the materials (files) I needed.  I had looked up on youtube and google how to create the buttons, but I still wasn't quite getting it (I'm getting old).  So I asked this question ( here on EE and received a lot of good answers.  To my delight, Emily Phelan ( ended up being the person who answered my question most pointedly.  The other answers by David Favor ( and Scott Fell ( ended up being excellent for other reasons.
Python 3 Fundamentals
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Python 3 Fundamentals

This course will teach participants about installing and configuring Python, syntax, importing, statements, types, strings, booleans, files, lists, tuples, comprehensions, functions, and classes.

Windows 10 Automatically Uninstalls Problematic Software Updates
If you are using Spotify, just to make you aware that The company Pro-Active reset users Password
Chinese intelligence agents acquired National Security Agency hacking tools and repurposed them in 2016 to attack American allies and private companies in Europe and Asia, a leading cybersecurity firm has discovered. The episode is the latest evidence that the United States has lost control of key parts of its cybersecurity arsenal.
Morning NSA and thank you so much!
Your Guide to Achieving IT Business Success
Your Guide to Achieving IT Business Success

The IT Service Excellence Tool Kit has best practices to keep your clients happy and business booming. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to increase client satisfaction and retention, become more competitive, and increase your overall success.

I need to write  query   retrieve the loan number, state and city, customer first name for loans that
are in the states of CA,TX,FL,NV,NM but exclude the following cities (Dallas, SanFrancisco,
Oakland) and only return loans where customer first name begins with John.
I keep getting error syntax  can .

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by:Dale Fye

sometimes it may not be clear in the user interface, but you selected to make a post rather than ask a question. Posts are usually used as informative pieces of information you wish to share with others in the community.  But what you are looking for is "Ask a question", so I suggest you copy the text of your post and submit it as a question.  You might also want to consider adding the type of database you are working with in the topics section, because the syntax can vary widely from one database to another.
This is one of those random things that one would never expect but makes sense in retrospect. Wireless charging the apple pencil with an ipad pro is interfering with automotive keyless entry keyfobs.
Hi Everyone. I would like to share a basic but working PowerShell script to clean up the Windows 2016 Start Menu (from ProgramData and Default User) and the Public Desktop. This is useful when using a Workspace Manager like RES or Citrix WEM. I've added this script at shutdown (local GPO) so we do not need to manually clean-up the folders after every application update or new installations.

#Start Menu Clean-up at Shutdown 

Robocopy "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" "C:\StartMenu\ProgramData\Programs"  /e /is /move /xj /r:0 
New-Item "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" -ItemType "directory"
Robocopy "C:\StartMenu\ProgramData\Programs\Administrative Tools" "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools" /e /xj /r:0 

Robocopy "C:\Users\Default\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" "C:\StartMenu\Default\Programs" /e /is /move /xj /r:0 
New-Item "C:\Users\Default\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" -ItemType "directory"

#Desktop clean-up at shutdown

Robocopy "C:\Users\Public\Desktop" "C:\StartMenu\Public\Desktop" /e /is /move /xj /r:0 
New-Item "C:\Users\Public\Desktop" -ItemType "directory"
Robocopy "C:\Users\Default\Desktop" "C:\StartMenu\Default\Desktop" /e /is /move /xj /r:0 
New-Item "C:\Users\Default\Desktop" -ItemType "directory"

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I have had V1809 running since last October. V1903 is due out in early May (in a week or so). I have had V1903 running on an Insider machine and there have been a number of V1903 updates including a big one today. So it appears they are making ready for production release on or about May 7 or May 14 (May 14 is the second Tuesday)
Hey veterans! Back in the day, EE owned and used the domain
Did you ever give a thought why this might have changed to its current domain with the hyphen? See
New Stratix Vulnerabilities

Sorry for lack of links, but if this affects you, I'm sure you know where to get further information.

Rockwell Automation is releasing this notice titled "Stratix 5400/5410/5700/8000/8300 Denial of Service Vulnerabilities".  You are receiving this notification based on your Rockwell Automation Knowledgebase account and selected profiles of interest that you have established, including the categories of "General" and "Product Security", as well as specific product categories related to this notice.
Please click on this link to review Knowledgebase Article ID 1082687 -
Cisco® released its semi-annual Cisco IOS and IOS XE Software Security Advisory Bundled Publication, which included seven security advisories that affect Allen-Bradley® products. Five of these vulnerabilities affect the six Allen-Bradley Stratix® and ArmorStratix™ products listed in the Affected Products section below.
•      Allen-Bradley Stratix 8300 Modular Managed Ethernet Switches - all versions PRIOR to 15.2(4)EA7
•      Allen-Bradley Stratix 5400 Industrial Ethernet Switches - v15.2(6)E0a and earlier
•      Allen-Bradley Stratix 5410 Industrial Distribution Switches - v15.2(6)E0a and earlier
•      Allen-Bradley Stratix 5700 Industrial Managed Ethernet Switches - v15.2(6)E0a and earlier
•      Allen-Bradley Stratix 8000 Modular Managed Ethernet Switches - v15.2(6)E0a and earlier
•      Allen-Bradley …

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