Came across this on Wired today:
I highly recommend following the "Watch" link within; it leads to a video on YouTube of one of the researchers from Stanford editing a video of George W. Bush to insert new facial and speech expression in real time using an off-the-shelf webcam.
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by:Andrew Leniart
Interesting post Christopher.

On an unrelated note, what famous book / film does the following statement from the wired article remind readers of?

The Russian intelligence service employs thousands of full-time workers who author fake news articles ...


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by:Brian Matis
Yep... We're going to need entirely new techniques for determining and maintaining authenticity for things like this. Hey, maybe that can be one of those uses for quantum computing somehow... I'm also thinking blockchain solutions too (even though I really have a pretty weak grasp on blockchain, it does seem like a primary purpose is to help with data integrity.)

Photoshop brought about many similar problems for photography and all sorts of techniques have had to be created to detect when things are doctored.

But really, it's most important to always have a healthy level of skepticism... Even without any sort of editing of a photograph, it's easy to bend the truth just by what you choose to show in the frame!

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This technology is scary, but it's coming whether we like it or not.

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