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by:Kuldeep Kundal
With web development field reaching new apex each day, there’s a colossal of talent you can find online. There are outsourcing companies who hire a freelance web developer and then there are big corporations that are constantly in a quest to find a web developer who can deal with constant technical upgradations.

If you’re also thinking to kickstart your career in the development field as a junior web developer in any startup or large organization, then you must learn some significant basics of the field, that might help you land at the perfect place. Here are some fundamental tips for you:

  • Writing the code that will finally become the interface using a web page with a variety and combination of different markup formats.
  • Having the ability to bring a web site creation tool such as WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, or another and assemble a fully operational web site from scratch.
  • Be in a position to rapidly and professionally produce website/webpage mockups and prototypes to show potential clients what you can offer.
  • Know HTML and CMS, in the least. However, there are lots of different programming languages, and more are being developed all the time. In this aspect, it's a never-ending development.
  • Create websites and online software which are both functional and appealing. In fairness, this can be a set of responsibilities whose difficulty will inverse as time goes on. Especially, the"operational" part will seem more difficult in the beginning whereas the"attractive" condition will seem simple. However, as soon as you have learned the fundamentals and observed all there is to see, the "practical" requirement to get a site will look comparatively easy, but coming up with a distinctive design that is attractive will look far more daunting.
  • Maintain and upgrade the websites you've created. This is one of the easier responsibilities.

Trust me, there are colossal of companies in quest to hire web developers, and you can become the right candidate in weeks. Happy Developing :) See you on the other side.

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