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Trending Tech Everyone Should Know About - My Thoughts
I've been thinking about this subject for a few days now, trying to come up with something unusual. But the thing that keeps coming to mind—even though I feel it's an obvious answer that everyone already does know about—is Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

Why? Well first, it's technology that impacts everyone, regardless of how involved you are in the tech industry. I've got little doubt that we're right on the cusp of major social change as a result of machine learning—change as significant as the Industrial Revolution. We've got self-driving cars inevitably hitting the mainstream in the near future. There's cancer detection systems that are faster and more accurate than human analysts. AI systems being trained to defend against cyberattacks. Movie dialog being written by algorithms. The list goes on and on...

And second, while these advancements will absolutely push us forward in exciting new ways, they'll also destroy many jobs. And while that job loss can be terrifying, AI opens us up for entirely new sorts of jobs, major changes to the way work is done, and more that we can't even fully conceive of yet.

Will most knowledge workers of the future become "bot wranglers"? Will some sort of universal basic income become necessary to avoid massive economic instability? Will humans be more free to pursue purely academic, philosophical, or leisurely pursuits while the bulk of "work" is done by robots?

Runners-up for top trending tech everyone should know about:
  • Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality
  • Blockchain

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