I believe that technology is a tool to improve our lives. Therefore, the apps I use bring something positive into my life. My favorite app is Headspace <3 It is a guided meditation app. I love it because it brings mindfulness and peace into my life. In case you are not familiar with meditation, I added a nice short video that explains how to manage our emotions through meditation. My second favorite app is Instagram because I can edit all my pictures easily and I LOVE seeing nature pictures from around the world.


by:Daniella Barion
I agree with you technology helps a lot and make life easier.   I consider a big gain the banks apps, it's a dream not to go to the bank and do all transactions online. I love the apps that help people to be in touch and closer with no fee: Facetime, Skype, Whats app.  When you live away from your family and friends, these apps make a big difference.  Thanks for the suggestion on Headspace. I will try it.

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by:Juana Villa
I also like Whats App. I totally agree with you! When family and friends are far away Whats App is very helpful.
About the financial apps, I love Mint. Thanks to this app I keep track of my debit & credit accounts. So, it is very easy to manage my money and financial goals.

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