For those of us, that like seeing our alma maters take a pigskin and strategically move down the field, you'll be happy to know that ESPN on the 4th Gen Apple TV has just made it an even better experience. You can now watch four games at once! That means you can watch your school's arch rival, the arch rival of your spouse's school, your alma mater, and your husband's/wife's alma mater all at the same time. Since my wife is an ND grad and I'm a Cardinal, we can now both poke fun at each other while being in the same room (no more separate TVs), which ultimately means the buffalo wings and Guinness are in the same room too. If this is not reason enough for you to get excited, then how about the other great things that come with the autumn season: the grass is barely growing, holiday cheer is in the air, and pumpkin spice is back in your coffee mug. Either way, I hope the autumn season brings you the happiness you deserve and that your school makes it to a bowl game.


by:Kristine Stewart
This sounds pretty cool! I'm especially excited for Disney's recent announcement that they will have a dedicated ESPN streaming service that isn't tied to a cable subscription.  I just "cut the cord" again, and live sports are really the only thing  that we miss and is frustrating to access.
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by:Justin Pierce, MPS-CRM, CEH, CNDA
That's awesome about Disney! Welcome back to us cable-cutters btw. ;)

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