"Subject of the week | What are your favorite smartphone apps?"
Having recently switched from a Blackberry to an Android phone, I am discovering a whole new world of apps. However the main apps I have used so far other than social media are Gasbuddy for finding the best fuel prices, and Fuelly for tracking my fuel consumption.
I have also been looking into an application called Torque for live tracking of vehicle performance data, but have recently changed cars and want to see if it will still do what I want. In fact may even write an an article about that once I get it set up properly.

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by:Brian Matis
I remember when I got my first car and how I was so excited about it that I kept a little paper notepad in the dash to keep track of when I'd get gas, the mileage, the cost, and so on. Having a smartphone app would have been much nicer! Amazing to think of how much has changed... :-)

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by:Juana Villa
Gasbuddy sounds like an app I might try to use. Finding ways to save money is always fun :D

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by:Daniella Barion
I am learning about a new interesting app every time someone is posting.  For sure I will try some of them.  I also remember when I moved to Sao Paulo (population 12 million) / Brasil I had to buy a huge, heavy book with the city directory, with the street maps. Sometimes to find a place it was a complete nightmare.  Nowadays, with google maps, it would be a dream.
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by:Brian B
@Juana, plus Gasbuddy gives you points for participating and virtual ranks as you go. Sounds familiar doesn't it? :-)

Funny enough, I liked the Blackberry version of both these apps better than their Android counterparts.

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