Subject of the week | What are your favorite smartphone apps?
Well, the Experts Exchange app, of course! But I may be a bit biased ;-)

If I factor out that bias, then my favorite iOS apps—in no particular order—are:
  • Music
  • Podcasts
  • Maps
  • Messages (I vastly prefer a text to a phone call.)
  • Runkeeper (For tracking my running. I've tried many different running apps, but settled in on this one as my favorite. Has a lot of great features and excellent Apple Watch support.)
  • Flipboard (News aggregator with some really nice UI.)
  • Snapseed (Photo editing)
  • Flickr (Photography community)
  • Mint (Money management)
  • Kindle (For eBooks. I generally prefer using this on my iPad, but I'll occasionally use it on my iPhone too if I don't have the iPad with me.)
  • Flixster (Movie showtimes)
  • Hue (For controlling the Phillips Hue smart lightbulbs in my house)
  • Facebook (The app I love to hate. Great for staying in touch with friends, but often risks wasting too much time.)

Expert Comment

by:Juana Villa
I haven't heard about Snapseed. I will take a look at it.

Thumbsup for Mint!!

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