What software update developed in the past year were you the most excited about?

I am very excited about 360 degrees cameras. I am not sure if they were developed last year. I "discovered" them recently and that is what matters to me ;) I like them because they are not as heavy as an drone and I think this camera will be great to bring on a hike and record the top of a mountain. The panoramic videos I've done on my hikes are very shaky and I think this type of camera will make justice to the gorgeous landscapes I have and will see. So, this type of camera is on my wish list :D

I linked a 360 degree video for those who haven't seen one. Don't forget to move the video from side to side, & up and down.



by:Craig Kehler
I got one of those VR headsets with my new phone last year, I barely use it but my favorite content by far has been the 360 views of different parts of the planet. Sit down before you look down though :) I did that in a Grand Canyon 360 view and I got some serious vertigo. I asked the sales reps at the store how customers react to trying it out and they said they usually flail their arms and knock products off the shelf. :)
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by:Lucas Bishop
vr fail

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by:Juana Villa
@Lucas LOL!!!

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