need help

looking for help on a formula that will calculate the total Time off clock. what is the total time between clock out and clock in per day

                      ---Clock In---            ---Clock Out---                                                        
Clock In Date            Actual               Actual                                    
08/14/17            7:13 AM            12:01 PM            
08/14/17            12:31 PM      3:29 PM      

thanks in advance for any assistance
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by:Mike McCracken
This really should be a question rather than a POST.

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by:Mike McCracken
WHat have you tried thus far?

I suspect the issue is because you need data from 2 records.
You can loo at fields from the Previous and Next records

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by:Andrew Leniart
Hi Kevin,

Welcome to Experts Exchange.

What you have done is made a "Post" here.  To get expert help, you need to "Ask a Question" so that more experts are able to see that you need help. Click the Big blue button near the top of your screen.

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Hope that's helpful.

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