Hi,thank you so much for accepting me. Am still new in Affiliate Marketing, and i don't know the "free POSTBACK conversion software" to use, and i don't know how to set it up on my WORPRESS website, i want to promote "AdscendMedia Network" offers, and my Account Manager said they don't provide that level of support. Please, i need help on how to fix this problem. Thanks?
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by:David Favor
Unsure exactly what you're asking.

Postback Tracking generates some sort of unique id, like utm_trans=53 + then &utm_trans=53 is appended to all links in a page transition chain.

I'm guessing free POSTBACK conversion software would consist of an Apache redirect config which ensures &utm_trans=53 correctly appends to all links in a redirection chain.

Usually most plugins which convert a post to a multi-page post using https://en.support.wordpress.com/nextpage/ will also arrange for all query string parameters to pass between multipage transitions... so if a person lands on a page + then starts clicking through a set of pages, query strings are usually passed.

This is all a function of your Apache config + WordPress plugins you choose.

Ad Networks (like AdscendMedia Network) have nothing to do with this process.

I setup all my hosting client's sites to pass query string data through redirection chains. Any descent hosting company will do this.

For multi-page posts, just make sure the plugin or other mechanism you choose to break up pages supports this + you'll be good.

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I'm new in affiliate marketing, and the offer i want to promote involves seting up a conversion postback tracking software like (Prosper202 or linktrackr) on my wordpress website that will generate user unique ID, each time i generate a conversion. I don't know how to do it right, that is why am seeking for help?

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Thank you so much: @ Mr David?

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by:Rob Jurd
Please continue this in your open question: https://www.e-e.com/Q_29052943.html

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