Translating from one language to another is a pretty standard (but incredible) technology that we're all familiar with. But what about translating to "elephant communication"?

This website translates words, phrases, and emojis into elephant calls, allowing you to send a video of an elephant communicating that word or phrase. I think its a great idea to use technology to raise awareness of not only their amazing social intelligence, but also their decline in recent decades.

I'm fascinated by elephants and think I'll be sending some elephant communication in the near future!
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Expert Comment

I sincerely hope that nobody records their audio "translations" and then stupidly decides to play them on a mobile phone while on a safari and observing wild elephants.  All it would take is one wrong audio playback to enrage the elephants and result in a potentially lethal encounter.  Similarly, anybody who decides to do the same thing with captive elephants at a zoo might cause the elephants to injure themselves or each other.  Worse still would be playing the mating call instead of "hello" to a bull elephant.

I have previously wondered whether Indian elephants "speak" the same language as African elephants, or the same language with a different "accent", and whether the same would be true for other animals like wolves living on different continents.

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