Many are looking to uninstall Kaspersky Lab software from their computers, amidst recent plans by the Department of Homeland Security to "remove and discontinue present and future use of the products."

While Kaspersky’s instructions for this may paint the process as straight-forward, we’ve often seen issues in uninstalling Kaspersky anti-virus, for example:

If you do plan to uninstall Kaspersky and run into any issues, don’t hesitate to Ask your question in the Anti-Virus Apps topic.

And as always, make sure you have an antivirus and malware protection system installed, like Webroot or Immunet.

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Basically scare tactics with no proof
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by:Lucas Bishop
Yeah @Nicholas. Generally you'd expect the accusations to have some evidence to back them up. Will be interesting to see what emerges from this and how Kaspersky's business is able to handle the fallout.
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by:Jim Horn
That matches up with the hard sell tactics Micro Center used on me when I bought my last laptop in an effort to upsell me on Kaspersky's anti-virus software.

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