Network folder disappears after creating it as a mounted volume.  I have a MS 2K8R2 file server vm.  I map users to a directory called Department via GPO.  Users are able to see their own department folders but not other department folders due to access based enumeration.  This system has worked very well and without issue for 5 years.  The drive began to fill up.  It's limited to 2TB due to the fact that it's a vm on a VCenter5 host.  I created a new drive and "mounted volume" then moved the data for the operations department to the new drive.  The problem is that the users, intermittently, can no longer see their "Operations" department drive.  It appears some times but not others when trying to save a document to their network department drive.  Has anyone experienced this with a GPO mapped network drive to an access based enumerated mounted volume?

This appears to happen for Windows 7 clients but not Windows 10.
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by:Shawn Klingensmith
done.  thanks

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