Here's a pretty fantastic use of machine learning: cancer detection.

"New findings show that this approach — enlisting machine learning, predictive analytics and pattern recognition — has achieved 89 percent accuracy, beyond the 73 percent score of a human pathologist."

Expert Comment

by:Michael Arciniega
I think its interesting that you tagged the post with "Robotics" Brian. Was that the closest topic you can find or do you consider machine learning to fall under it? Robotics for me implies an embodied form that can manipulate the physical world in some way.

Author Comment

by:Brian Matis
@Michael: Mostly because it's the closest topic I could find and "AI" is currently one of the synonyms for "Robotics". I tend to think similar to you, and would mainly expect Robotics to involve a physical machine; but then again, there are "chatbots", right? Or perhaps "bot" can be the term for a non-physical version of a robot?

Expert Comment

by:Michael Arciniega
Good point about the chatbots. With the rise of machine learning and its subset, artificial neural networks, I think it might be time soon to propose a Machine Learning topic.

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