Had the following issue and took these steps to solve it. I am sharing my experience since it “may” be a help for others.  
Issue: although file sharing discovery was turned on and it the network area in file explorer I could see all computers on the network, but could not access the shared folders on other computers, “window cannot access……”
Troubleshoot steps: after verifying the file shred discovery is turned on, and the folders are shared with the right permissions at the destination computer. I opened a cmd line and did a ping with the destination computer name, did not get a replay but got the IP address of the destination computer (could get it with ipconfig on the destination computer as wall). Did a ping with the IP address got no replay. Now I know something on the destination computer is blocking. The first thing move aside is the firewall, so I turned off the firewall on the destination computer (Kaspersky- I am moving all my clients from Kaspersky to Symantec, since I find Kaspersky being to restrict causing to many issues). Then did a ping with the IP and I got a replay. Now I did a ping with the name of the destination computer, did not get a replay, in the cmd prompt, I typed net view \\shraedpath did not get a replay, this told me there is a name resolution issue. So I changed the following setting Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center\change adopter settings right click on the network adopter\properties\IPV4 click on properties/advance/WINS changed the NetBIOS setting to enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP
And issue was solved.
I have seen other troubleshooting methods online (turning on services) but did not work for me.
What is important when you do troubleshooting start from the lower level and work your way up. -Start with cmd rather than file explorer. -start with the IP before name which already involves translation, this way you can see where the issue starts, and in some cases like in this one more than one step was needed to solve with doing it this way you know which step to take first and see if it solved anything, for example if you change the NetBIOS setting before you solve the firewall issue nothing will change and you may think that this is not something that applies to your issue.

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