Mozy Pro Customer who had Microsoft Update completely obliterate my business main PC.  Mozy backs up my machines 4 times a day.  So backups should exist, but Mozy all of a sudden doesn't recognize my login email address.  Mozy Pro support won't allow a call to go through, unless a customer can log in and retrieve a call PIN.  How the h*** is a 10yr paying business customer of Mozy supposed to get service or restore files if Mozy won't take a call or offer anything other than 24hr per email it sends?  Extremely frustrated that I've provided Mozy support verified credit card payment, exact date of last payment, card details for payment and all requested verification, but Mozy hasn't emailed or called back with access to my account it won't let me in to?  

If this is how Mozy treats its customers when they actually NEED their data, why should anyone pay for this level of service?

Jim M, President

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