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      Just a quick update for my Apple brethren; Apple has just pushed out the security update/patch for Spectre (yes, one of those vulnerabilities that everyone's talking about at the water cooler). The security update is for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac (your Apple Watch is safe according to Apple), so please update them as soon as possible. Lastly, I recommend setting aside 20-30 mins to download & install the updates but of course, times vary because systems are different. That's it for now and take care, everyone.

Expert Comment

by:Erin West
Thank you, Justin, for this update!
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Author Comment

by:Justin Pierce, CEH, CNDA, Stanford ACS
Hi Erin,

You're very welcome. Unfortunately, even with this patching, the Spectre problem won't go away since it deals with hardware vulnerabilities. :( However, it's not all bad news since companies will have a heightened awareness for any attacks that deal with Spectre (extremely fast patching will become a thing), which is a good note for end-users.

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