Top 10 useful phrases to use other than 'Just approve my code promotion request'.
( Need YOUR help completing this... )  

10.  I'm doing the Lord's work.
9.  I am the only SME / approval authority / (insert real smart label here), and I approve.
8.  Because users know who I am and will burn my playhouse down if this doesn't get deployed ASAP.
7.  The Sales guy said this was supposed to be in requirements because it was discussed on the golf course three years ago with the client, the CIO grunted which the client interpreted as an approval, and the client is upset that it's not in prod.
6.  Risk assessment?  We risk the website crashing unless this gets done.
5-1.  ?

Expert Comment

by:Craig Kehler
Management has determined delays in code promotion requests are affecting productivity and revenue. I hear they are looking very carefully at people who deny or delay requests.

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