The Windows Secrets Restoration Woes

Many people, myself included, subscribe to the Windows Secrets newsletter. Whils't primarily aimed at IT beginners, it often contains useful summaries of Microsoft patch information and some decent reads.

Windows Secrets reportedly had a hardware failure disaster a couple of weeks ago and are still trying to recover. Understandably concerned about losing the bulk of their paying customers, they've been emailing frequently using an alternate transport route. The latest news about their recovery attempts has just been emailed to all subscribers.

Included below for those of you that are not subscribers and may be trying to access their website and facing difficulties.

To keep you apprised of what's going on: We're restoring the database that underpins our content management system. There have been some unanticipated complications with recovering different data tables and a team of experts has been brought in to resolve the remaining restoration issues.

You’ll receive double editions of the newsletter after the IT department has fully restored Windows Secrets — our writers have continued submitting articles and you'll get the content you subscribed for.

We’ll continue to keep you informed of future developments.

Regards, Andrew

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