When a customer asks you for something try to your best to understand what exactly he wants to accomplish and not really on what he says he wants, be clear with him what this will be used for before you make a recommendation, take your time, and discuss. for example a client ask me for a NAS drive so he can have all file in his office in a central location and all his staff can access it. Then he calls up that he moved his quickbooks file to the NAS drive and quickbooks does not work, of course it does work, quickbook needs its network manager installed in the same place where the file is and the network manager is a windows based application not Linux. Then he wanted his ticketing program file on the NAS, again sql is not supported on a Linux, would I know more details I would recommend him one model higher than the one I gave him which support a vm where he would be able to have a window machine on.
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hm. does it support iSCSI?, then you can store data on the NAS while the processing is on one "server" outside of the box...
Sometimes  think out of the box.

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