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Hello. For 20 years I've been involved in IT as a school network manager, dealing with hardware, networks etc., but I've now taken early retirement and have been asked by my local church if I would help them with their IT. Needless to say, I said Yes, and the first thing they asked was how their website could be upgraded, improved, whatever.

I know how websites work, but I've never built one (the school had an IT teacher who was a web designer before becoming a teacher, so he could build websites while I hosted them), so I'm now diving into the deep end and would really appreciate any information about how to build websites keeping things simple.

I have Dreamweaver on my computer, but it's a commercially orientated package and I'm not ready to go that deep into website building,  so what options are there for me?

Thanks in advance for any support provided.



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I just went through upgrading a local volunteer fire departments site.  

I chose a WordPress site even though I am a bigger fan of straight HTML coding.  I chose WordPress because I was thinking of the future when I am not going to be around to maintain the page.  WordPress makes it pretty much idiot proof.  The hosting company that the page is on probably has a WordPress option to use.


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by:Phil Cowling
Thanks for this; I've heard of Wordpress but not looked at it, I guess it's about time to start!


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I would recommend you try wix.com

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