CloudFlare and APNIC have launched a free DNS service @ that claims to prevent your ISP from selling your data:

The claim to be the "fastest" comes with the caveat of "privacy-first" -- I wonder how it stacks up against DNS services that don't provide any inherent perceived privacy?

On a related note, the service is being hammered by multiple gbps of trash data:

Personally, I've used Google's public DNS for years now, since it's always seemed to be more stable than my ISPs, but this CloudFlare option is really tempting. Handing over literally all of my browsing data to Google is probably not the best idea.
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There is also the (quad9) (level3 DNS server)...
Now we just have to wait for the complete collection:   from - and - for mDNS.... to catch them all... needs to be done in private.

For april 4 there are 2 left... and

And then there is IPv6
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IPv6 patterns:
Google: 21599 IN AAAA   2001:4860:4860::8888

Cloudflare: 299 IN AAAA   2606:4700:4700::1001 299 IN AAAA   2606:4700:4700::1111

Quad9:          119     IN      AAAA    2620:fe::fe

level3 has no  ipv6...???
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by:Kyle Santos
I need an ELI5 version of what this does.  What am I doing by doing what they said here?
See because it's that simple!

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