Ubiquiti relatively new in the USA, but the quality and price of their products make them is now on the rise, thy grow very fast, if you have any of their products you may want to look in their Network Management System [UNMS] from where you can manage all you Ubiquiti devices from one central place via a web page, and even from a phone, it is still in bate but already have nice amount of management. The only down side with Ubiquiti is support.
In short I will be give guide how to install UNMS on a virtual machine in hyper-v and change the default port for security [you don’t need to have a server, since windows 10 supports hyper-v].
As you can see on their website you need to have 64-bit (x64) CPU and assign
•      2 GB RAM (Minimal)
•      16 GB storage (Minimal)
To follow this guide you should also own a domain and have a static ip, you can make it work without but this guide is based with the above requirements.

1-      Download and install Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS (Xenial Xerus) 64-bit
2-      Once your done with the instlation and you have the machine up and running open the terminal and Run the following script, curl -fsSL https://unms.com/install > /tmp/unms_inst.sh && sudo bash /tmp/unms_inst.sh
3-      Login to you domain host and add a DNS a record at you domain host to point to your public IP you can call it however you want [acb.initializebiz.com]
4-      Get your local IP address make it static in your router or reserve in domain controller
5-      Open a web browser Locally and enter the local IP address of UNMS machine you will get to a setup screen easy to follow.
6-      By default it uses port 443, I recommend changing it for security reasons and is done by running the following comment in the terminal curl -fsSL https://unms.com/install > /tmp/unms_inst.sh && sudo bash /tmp/unms_inst.sh --http-port xxxx--https-port xxxx --ssl-cert-dir /etc/certificates --ssl-cert fullchain.pem --ssl-cert-key privkey.pem [replace the xxxx on the http and https with port you want to use]
7-      If you change the port you need to open the port on the UNMS machine firewall running to following script, sudo ufw allow xxxx [change the xxxx to the port you changed it in the previus stap] then run the following script to verify the port is open, sudo ufw status verbose
8-      If you may need to open this port on the host in windows incoming rules firewall and you don’t need to open it for all, just for this IP.
9-      In your router create a port forwarding with the port you choose to the IP of the UNMS machine
10-      Back to the panel in the interface go to settings (on the right side at the bottom) then click on UNMS and where is says UNMS host name/IP Enter you new record [acb.initializebiz.com] and turn on use Let’s Encript.
11-      Go to the icon where it says sites, new site, And create a site, only the basic information is required, the rest is optional
12-      Go back to settings then click on Connection, copy the UNMS key
13-      Login to your Ubiquiti device for example in the edge router you will find it on the system tab (at the bottom of the page) at UNMS Connection (you need to have the latest firmware to use this) paste the text you just copied and click enable and save
14-      Back to you panel you should see the router show up click authorize.
Hope you find this helpful
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by:Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE Fellow)
This would be excellent for an EE Article!

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by:Abraham Deutsch
Thank you for paying attention to my post.

On my lest article I posted Editor Comment me the following;
The article is full of spelling and grammar related errors. I mentioned when I published your last submission that a considerable amount editing was required to correct both spelling and grammar mistakes. I often find it helpful to slowly read each sentence and paragraph slowly and aloud to myself to see how it sounds.  

I understand and am sympathetic to the fact that English may not be your first language, which is possibly why you are running into so many difficulties, however, the purpose of an editing process isn't to rewrite your articles for you so that they read well and make sense.

A few corrections here and there are always tolerated during the editing process, but you really need to make more of an effort to get your work as close to perfect as possible before submitting for editing and publication.  

Perhaps get a fluent English friend to proof read your work for you and make suggestions for improvements, or at the very least, run your text through an online Spelling and Grammar checker. There are many such services on the Web you could take advantage of, both Free and Paid.

Since I am limited in time, and don’t have that much time to spend on writing the article to accommodate the requirements of submitting an article on top of the time it takes to put together the article, but still want to voluntary information that others may find helpful, I stopped trying to post articles and rather use post where I can just drop it in, as to post there is no requirements.
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by:Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE Fellow)
Ok I understand we've been using Ubi kit for quite a while now

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