I have always thought when I hear people say meetings are a waste of time or that a meeting did not accomplish something, that really the meeting was poorly ran. I really think that successful meetings do involve team members that know and interact with each other. Interesting to see that Google encourages that interaction during meetings. Sometimes off topic isn't the worst thing. Thoughts???

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by:Daniella Barion
I agree, when the team members  build  a relationship  ideas and discussions flow easily, interaction is high and work can be more productive.

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by:Craig Kehler
100% agree that a meeting is only a waste of time if it wasn't thought through before calling it and/or is run poorly. It seems sometimes people think just calling a meeting will solve a problem. They aren't magical.

I also strongly believe that the more you know a person the better you can pick up on their non-verbal communication which is a major part of how we communicate.

I think our lunch time team sports activities are a big boon to our productivity in this way.

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