Andy's VMware vSphere tip#14: Deploy the vCenter Appliance (VCSA), it has been debated in VMware circles for many years, whether to use a physical or virtual server to host vCenter Server for Windows, a virtual server is supported by VMware, as a vCenter Server. But now the vCenter Appliance (VCSA) has the same features as vCenter Server for Windows, we think it makes sense to deploy VCSA (which is a virtual appliance), it saves a Windows license, the OS does not have to be patched monthly. Many VMware Admins seem to be put off by using vCenter Server virutally, but vCenter Server is only a management server, if it is not available, Virtual Machines don't just stop! You can still connect directly to each ESXi host and manage a host if need be! There are many benefits to hosting a virtual vCenter Server, Backup and Restore, DR is easier, Higher Availability if using VMware HA, in the event a host fails, all the VMs including vCenter Server (VCSA) will be re-started on a host. There is also vCenter High Availability (HA) - (VCSA-HA).

HOW TO: Deploy and Install the VMware vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 (VCSA 6.5)

So deploy VCSA today.

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