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Stop being a scare monger, it the sign of the times and has been for years.  
It's no different than when we walk out into the streets and our every move is monitored by CCTV or the devices we use that have an electronic gadget or the card we use to pay for our transactions. Everything we do is accountable. Even the cash note has a barcode that registers to a computer database. Our new smart TV also watches us.
Same rules applies just dont attract attention to yourself keep a low profile and use common sense..
If you look at the world through a magnifying glass you'd be terrified to see what is in our water and food at an microscopic level.
But we have lived with this for a long time whether we knew about it all or not and so far seemed to have survived and enjoyed our lifestyles so far.
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by:Gustav Brock
You are derailing the subject. You can't sign off from life, but you can from Facebook.

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