I've inherited an Apple Mac Xserve Cluster:-

and as these are Xserve 3,1 are on the HCL for ESXi 5.5. Therefore I can legally accept the Apple EULA, and install Apple macOS Virtual Machines on them, because they have an Apple badge (Apple hardware).

If you do not have an Apple badge on your hardware, you are in breach of the Apple EULA. (Please do not ask me, because this cannot be discussed on Experts Exchange)
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by:Lucas Bishop
Considering the age of those boxes, are you able to install the latest version of MacOS VM? Or do you have to run some legacy version?

I'd think High Sierra would choke at some point during the install. Or since it's installing within a VM, there is no real hardware dependency at all?
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The CPU in the hosts are 2.9GHz, 8 Core, Intel® Xeon® Processor X5570. with 96GB RAM.

The benefits of virtualisation, is only the CPU in the Host are passed through to the VM, everything else is virtual, storage is based on flash array - so quick.

So as for High Sierra running the latest and greatest, with no issues, in fact, faster than some Mini Macs! (and with the added benefit, we can tweak adding more RAM and Cores to the VM) than what is available in a physical!

However, we do not have the advantage of added CPU instruction sets, after Nehalem, but most Intel instructions are supported, and we are not using encryption to take advantage of latest Intel CPU instructions.

So for servers that went end of life 7-9 years ago, not bad really...

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