Native apps are dead!!??? Progressive apps seems to be the future. It takes a lot user effort to chose and download a native app. Therefore, users will be more likely to use a progressive app. Besides, it is more cost efficient than native apps. Do you think progressive apps are going to be the new trend?

If you haven't heard about them. Check out this video: 
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by:Scott Fell
Although the video sounds like an ad for Firebase, I 100% agree with the idea that creating and managing native apps for multiple platforms is not worth the effort for most businesses.  

Whenever I have said it's not worth the time and effort, there is always resistance with the default, "Mobile devices have over taken desktop... .... You have to have a mobile app today... ....yada yada yada"

There are enough platforms and libraries that can give you a native like experience at a fraction of the development time and cost.  Also, people forget about the increased effort for security of a native app.    I have a friend that built an app for a specific vertical and I tried to talk him into creating a web app first.  More than two years of development vs what would have been several months only to find the other issue I warned about.... users not willing to pay for apps on the Android platform.  A lot of wasted time and energy!

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