loading...Arghh!! I really hate it when I write up a bug ticket in JIRA capture and then when I go to submit the bug, I get stuck at a loading wheel and the ticket never generates... Now it looks like I have to re-write the bug... And it wasn't an easy one to describe anyway... Lame.

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by:Kyle Santos

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by:Brian Matis
Huh... In ranting about this, I think I may have figured out what caused it and how to avoid it... Seems like I closed the original tab that I was getting a screenshot of and JIRA capture doesn't like it when that happens. Didn't seem like that should affect anything (since JIRA capture opens up a new tab for doing annotations of the screen and adding the bug details). But when I ran some quick experiments, I discovered that closing the original tab will definitely trigger the infinite loading wheel when trying to submit the bug in the other tab. When I kept the tab open, could file the ticket as expected... Should probably run a few more validation tests, but it sure will be nice if I can eliminate one cause of this!

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