Dangerous malware hides in Android image
Félix Marciano - Thursday, February 14, 2019 - 18:28

By taking advantage of a flaw in Android, hackers can take control of a smartphone with a simple PNG image.

Computers are not the only victims of security breaches. Smartphones and other touch tablets can also be targeted by hackers, as they also work with an operating system that may contain breaches. And the paths that hackers take are sometimes impressive in their ingenuity. Thus, in its latest security bulletin , Google has just issued an alert for all devices running Android, because of the massive spread of malware hiding in a common PNG image .

Exploiting a flaw identified and corrected by Google, this malware would circulate easily through couriers and social networks . But under a harmless appearance, he would be able to wreak havoc by creating a backdoor (a backdoor) allowing hackers to take control of a device, including recovering personal data (contacts, messages, etc.).

All recent versions of Android, from Nougat (7.0) to Pie (9.0), are affected , which concerns a large number of smartphones. The threat is taken so seriously that Google recommends performing security updates without delay . The publisher has just released on February 1 patches, in which he corrects this dangerous flaw, among forty other problems.

Source: https://www.commentcamarche.net/news/5872386-un-malware-dangereux-se-cache-dans-une-image-sous-android?een=6945c4023ce5fb80faf6608d52e17187&seen=2&utm_source=greenarrow&utm_medium=mail&utm_campaign=ml146_17000applisespi

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