A few months ago, I appeared on a Facebook/YouTube/Twitch/BitChute  pod cast, the Technocrat Live with host Matthew Newhall.  We talked about a variety of things, tech, non-tech, EE, the MVP program, consulting, red light cameras... rumor has it I wasn't horrible... that said, I won't watch it.  In any case, if anyone would like to torture themselves and get to know me better, you can find it here: http://www.thetechnocratlive.com/ (I'm episode 3).
LVL 99

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by:Lee W, MVP
And if anyone finds the show interesting, I would particular recommend
Izaac (Episode 1)
Rares (Episode 5)
Panel #1 (Episode 8)
Steve (Episode 9 - *IF you're into music)
Walden (Episode 12)
Louisa (Episode 13)

(I've listened to them all but those were definitely the most interesting to me - except #9 wasn't my thing but I can see musicians finding this interesting.  Otherwise, even those I wasn't crazy about held my interest enough to keep listening in smaller chunks).

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