[Heads Up] - Australia Post SMS - Scam Twist

I just got a twist on the Australia Post SMS scams. I get parcels delivered fairly regularly by Aust Post so I was surprised to get this SMS as I wasn't currently expecting one. It looked genuine and the number was spoofed successfully enough for the SMS to appear along with my other Aust Post notifications. It read:

You parcel: 068077299909
will not ship from distribution
center due to unverified
shipping address.
Track your package:
http: // wtrgt DOT com / qOo    (link has been purposely broken by me)

The grammar error was enough to alert me to the scam, as well as the link using http instead of https, and the wtrft domain being used instead of mypo.st which is where genuine Aust Post SMS alerts come from, but I can see how it might be easy to overlook and just tap the link.

I checked the tracking number on Aust Post website for giggles and sure enough, that's phony too. No surprise there. Keep an eye out if, like me, you also get parcels delivered by Aust Post.

Regards, Andrew


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