Meeting organizers will now have an option to define presenter and attendee roles for meeting participants. Presenters will have full permissions in the meeting, whereas attendees cannot share content, take control, mute or remove other participants, admit people waiting in the lobby, or start/stop recording.

Before or during the meeting, organizers can specify who is an attendee or a presenter through the meeting options panel. The available choices are as follows:

Everyone (default; everyone joins as a presenter and has full permissions)
People in my organization (federated and anonymous users join as attendees)
Specific people (allows the organizer to set specific people from their organization as presenters)
Only me (everybody apart from the organizer joins as an attendee)
To access the Meeting options panel:

In Teams, go to Calendar, select a meeting, and then select Meeting options.
In a meeting invitation, select Meeting options.
The organizer and presenters will also be able to change the role of any individual participant (“Make an attendee” or “Make a presenter") during the meeting

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