This could affect YOU if you have ESXi installed on SD cards !!!!!

e.g. DELL EMC have just issued a statement stating the use of SD Mirrored cards (IDSM) is NOT recommended for ESXi 7.x and later, despite that they sold the technology !!! and some DELL EMC R740 shipped with OEM pre-installed ESXi 7.x. using IDSM - Mirrored SD cards!

and now they do not recommend it!

see here

NOTE: If you had ordered VMware ESXi with your Dell EMC PowerEdge server, it is preinstalled on your server. The ESXi installer media is required for reinstallation. The Boot Optimized Storage Solution (BOSS) card is the preferred non-HDD or SSD device for VMware ESXi 7.0 installation. The Dell Internal Dual SD Module (IDSDM) install is no longer recommended due to write endurance issues with the SD flash media. For more information, see the Storage Requirements for ESXi 7.0 Installation or Upgrade section on the VMware ESXi Installation and Setup Guide or see VMware Knowledge Base article 2145210.
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by:Pete Long
Hi Andrew
VMware hinted at this last year

Since Nov 2020 HPE have actively discouraged quoting for ESX on SD card - citing the VMware warning

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So the vendors (OEM) SHOULD NOT supply pre-installed systems with ESXi !!!!!

because the SD cards which DELL EMC/ HPE are supply are worse than what you can purchase from Walmart!

Not disrespect to Walmart!

But you would really think that the SD cards from Dell/EMC and HPE were quality, not a load of shite!

We've all been taken for a ride on this one! especially since from 2004 VMware have convinced us to install ESXi on USB and SD cards, because it was small footprint and embedded! (maybe that was now just a marketing gimmick to beat Hyper-V!"

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