OT/PPP modem settings

What is the difference between the settings GeoPort/ExpressModem and GeoPort/Express Modem-CNG listed in the OT/PPP Modem control panel preset settings list?
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Hi there kligon!

This is right from Apple's Knowledge Base:

An additional, optional connection script, named "GeoPort/Express Modem CNG," is installed in the same two places.  When you use this optional script, the GeoPort Telecom Adapter or Express Modem transmits data calling tones after dialing. Data calling tones allow the remote machine to detect automatically that an incoming call is a data modem call. If you are dialing into a system that supports data, fax and voice calls (such as another GeoPort Telecom Adapter), you should select this connection script in the Apple Remote Access Setup control panel.

The entire article can be found here: http://download.info.apple.com/Apple_Support_Area/Apple_Software_Updates/English-North_American/Macintosh/Networking-Communications/Apple_Telecom/Geoport-EM_3.1.1_Update.txt

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Hi Venabili - My answer is correct.  It seems odd that I am not getting credit for correctly answering the question.  I certainly think that the user has spent his/her points and should not have them refunded, since the question was asked and I did answer it!

Hi Kligon - I'm disappointed that you never accepted my answer.  It is the correct one.

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You had posted your answer 5 years after the question. Usually 5 years later people do not need the same answer...

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Hi Venabili!

Ah, I see.  I hadn't noticed the date discrepency.  Why would an unanswered question have sat for 5 years without being closed by a moderator then?  And then when I answer correctly, it takes another two years to be told that I will not be getting any credit for the answer?  It just seems a bit odd, is all.  No worries.

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