Soft partitions for Solaris 2.5?

Is there a soft partition system available for Solaris 2.5? Something similar to Logical Volumes for HP-UX is what I'm looking for: a way to set up partitions and be able to *modify* the partitions without disturbing (or even unmounting) the other partitions. The main modification I'm looking for is increasing partition size.
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burnotteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is impossible to modifie the size of a partition without
loosing the data that on it because when you modifie the size
you are obliged to do a label and then a newfs for the modification to be take into consideration.
And when you do the newfs you loose your data.

to partition a disk under solaris you have to use the command :
format .
1)  you chose the disk you want to partition.
2)  you modifie the disk partition to have the desire one.
3)  you do a label
4)  quit the format command.

then use the command : newfs to create the file system table.

jsjacobAuthor Commented:
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Hmm, burnotte, thats standard. You forgot how to increase the partition size...


jsjacobAuthor Commented:

there is a command called "growfs" for
solaris. Look into it.

Peter (

I desagree with the answer, you could get Solstice DiskSuite that comes with Solaris 2.5 it is a very powerful tool you can create
meta deices wich can bee stripes raids concatenations of disks etc, included on this exists the comand growfs witch does what you are thiking you joust use format to label a new disk partition size grater than the previous in contigus bloocks and make a growfs and ready you got a biger slice i have done it once.
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