diald/dynamic IP: problem persists

Hmmm... Don't know why the question vanished...

Well, it's still not working.  :-(

My diald config by now:
mode slip
mtu 1006
local    # fake IP
remote  # remote IP is known
dlip-mode local
-reroute  # tried reroute, as well
device /dev/modem
connect '...
speed 57600
-f /etc/...
fifo ...

upgraded kernel to 2.0.29,
diald 0.16
net-tools 1.32 alpha

it seems that diald *does* send the first packets, but still with the fake IP as source address. So I never get an answer.

What's the trick?

I've been thinking about modifying diald to correct the IP in buffered packets before they get send out. (Looked at code, seems pretty easy).
Would that make sense? Or would whichever program sent that packet be confused, because it expected to be using the fake IP?

Thanks a lot for your assistance,

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Ever thought about using ppp via diald?
rupertAuthor Commented:
Not an option, neither is static IP.  :(

Tried 'noipdefault' and using as your locIP ?
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rupertAuthor Commented:
noipdefault is a pppd-option, though. I use SLIP.
rupertAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 147
rupertAuthor Commented:
ok, I got a ppp connection now, still with dynamic IP address.
It still doesn't work!
rupertAuthor Commented:
Quite some experts here...

I've got the problem solved now. It required a change to the kernel if one didn't want to rewrite ip-masquerading - which I almost did.

So much for 'I got it working' from whoever cashed in the points when I asked the question the first time.

I'm out of here...
I can suggest you to take a look at the new ppp-2.3.0
now there is a new included "dial on demand" feature.

Let me know....

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