3COM 3c509b configuration

I have a Linux machine (Linux 1.2.13) with a 3COM ehernet card (3c509) plugged in it. I'd like to connect my machine to the local network of our university. Everything is well configured but i can't reach the network. While loading Linux i have got these messages:

eth0: ewrk3_probe(): Detected a device already registred at 0x2e0
eth0: ewrk3_probe(): Detected a device already registred at 0x360
eth0: ewrk3_probe(): Detected a device already registred at 0x3c0

and after, i got these messages:

SIOCSIFADDR: No such device
SIOCSIFBRDADDR: No such device
SIOCSIFNETMASK: No such device
SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable
SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable

I would add that under Windows95 everything is ok, and that it informs me that i have a "3COM EtherLink III ISA (3C509/3C509b) in ISA mode", and that my card uses a set I/O adresses between 0300 and 030F, and an IRQ of 10.

I have disabled the Plug and Play function on the 3Com card (via the 3c5x9cfg.exe configuration file) and tried to boot Linux with the following parameters (just after typing linux): ether=0x300,10,eth0
,but linux tells me that ther's no device at 0x000a and that my network is still unreachable.

So can you tell me what should i do.
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When you ran 3c5x9cfg, did you try to rerun the auto-setup function as well?  I've found in the past with some 3COM cards if they won't play under Linux, the best bet will be to disable the PnP (as you've done) and then run auto-config in the setup to make sure there are no conflicts with any other devices in your system.  The 3COM setup program is usually pretty good at picking a free interrupt and address, even though your card may be set to 10 and 0x300 currently.  The other addresses mentioned upon Linux bootup appear a little strange; what other devices do you have in your system (ie. sound card etc) and how are they configured?

Also - do you have a PnP motherboard Bios?  If so, once you've set your network card to use a particular IRQ, make sure your MB Bios is not trying to automagically PnP assign that irq to other devices; ie. set it for the ISA (or similar) setting instead.

hmidaAuthor Commented:
I did what "timc" suggested in his comment (i executed the command 3c5x9cfg /pnprst to disable PnP mode, and after that 3c5x9cfg configure /auto in order to auto-config my card).
I think i also set the IRQ10 to ISA instead of PnP.
Once the configuration has finished, i tried to boot Linux with the parameter ether=0x300,10,eth0. Again my problem is persisting: "cannot find a device at 0x000a".

eth0: ewrk3_probe(): Detected a device already registred at 0x2e0
What card is it Etherlink III (3COM) or Etherworks 3 (Digital) ?
Try to recompile your kernel and don't add the probe for Etherworks NIC (other ISA cards)

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hmidaAuthor Commented:
As "ping0621" proposed, i recompiled my Kernel and did not add the probe for Etherworks NIC (other ISA cards). Now i have Linux 2.0.27. The message eth0: detected a device already registred at 0x2e0 has disapeared but i still have the messages "... NO such device" and "... Network is unreachable".

I don't know what to do !!!
Check the settings with the setupdisk delivered with the NIC.
Try to change the I/O from 0x2e0 to 0x300 and set IRQ=5.
Sometimes 0x2e0 gives a conflict with something but can't remember with what exactly (I think a videocard).
Specify your TCP/IP address without leading zeroes.
e.g. and *NOT*

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