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Networking 2 Computers

How do I network my two computers at home?
I have two computers with ethernet cards (3c503 Etherlink II).
I network them both using Windows 95 and have no problems.
I recently installed RedHat 4.1 on one machine and read that I
could use NFS to install RH4.1 on the other machine.  I've tried using the user's guide for RH4.1 but with no luck.
I'm not familiar with setting up the addresses or domain names and TCP/IP.  Would somebody please point me in the right direction on how to network the 2 machines and how I could use NFS to install RH4.1 on the other machine.
1 Solution
1/type "dmesg" and see if your 3 com card has been seen at boot time.
2/ if you have x windows running use the "network configuration" control panel

Select the Names button
3/ you need a a computer name ie "mysys1.mydomain.com"
4/ a doamin name ie "mydomain.com"
Select the iinterfaces button then select eth0 and click edit
5/ an ip address   this is the private class c group
6/ the netmask will be
7/ select activate at bootup.
select the Hosts button
add the ip address name ane nickname for mysys1
add a second name at the same time for the other system with a diferent address.

JUst activate the eth0 interface.

Now you need some cable to connect to the second system.
I would suggest thinwire but you can use the cat 5 tristed pair
( with the telephone style connector )
If you use twisted pair you will need a hub or a "null" cable.

To check for correct operation of all this type
ping mysys1 and you should see successful output.

Set up the second system with a different address

Ahh but you have not yet installed the second system..
On the second system.
Well use the boot disks and check dmesg
make sure the network card is recognised.
use the ifconfig command and make sure that eth0 is mentioned.
look at the ip adress from the ifconfig.
This is the address of the boot disk.
say you get
type hostname and see who the boot disk is
type domainname to get the domain.
now to link to the first machine type
route add -net eth0

go back to the first machine and type
route add -net eth0

add the second machine to the hosts table
you should be able to ping the second machine from the first.

now add the name of the place where you mounted the redhat cdrom to /etc/exports on the first machine.

You should be almost there.
I am not sure what the rh install disk does for such a nfs mount but get this part going first and see how you get on...



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