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Setting Up E-Mail using ISP

I'm trying ot get e-mail working with my ISP.  I have PPP working.  I can send and receive e-mail using Netscape.  I would like to be able to use sendmail and popclient.

I got everything configured and I can use popclient.  The problem arises when I'm sending e-mail.

I use "derek" as the user name on my Linux machine.  My username at my ISP is "leewo" and my e-mail address is leewo@icanect.net.  If I send any e-mail using sendmail, the From: header is set to "derek@icanect.net" which is wrong.

How can I get all my outgoing e-mail to have "leewo@icanect.net" without changing my username on my Linux machine.
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One simple way to do it, would just be to configure your mail program to setup a 'Reply-To:' header and include leewo@etc instead of derek@etc.  That way, when people get your mail and return it, it should point to leewo instead of derek.

Failing that simple approach, you add some sendmail rules to rewrite your mail headers which change derek@etc to leewo@icanect.net, but that starts to get complicated.

leewoAuthor Commented:
I already know about the "Reply-To" header option, but that isn't really the solution I had in mind.  Someone just casually examining an e-mail I send may still think that "derek@icanect.net" is my e-mail address.

Ideally, I would like to have "sendmail" do the rewriting, just as it put the "icanect.net" part as my domain, even though the name of my machine is "apollo"
leewoAuthor Commented:
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It's easier to use smail instead of sendmail.

See http://www.ping.be/~ping0754/linux.html
At this page they explain how to configure smail.
Let me know if the page doesn't exist anymore
I have still a printout.

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