SCSI or system?

System : Performa 6320, Microtek ScanMaker 11XE, Iomega Zip Drive.

The problem started a week ago when the Mac suddenly froze. Upon restarting it froze during the startup sequence and I got a bomb with the following message, 'Sorry, a system error occurred "Apple CD-ROM" device Manager error. To temporarily turn off extensions, restart and hold down the shift key.' I restarted with he extensions turned off and got the Finder. I disabled the CR-ROM extension but the startup froze after a couple of extensions were loaded. I then enabled the CD-ROM extension and disabled the Iomega Driver but the same thing happened during startup. I then tried again with both extensions on and the Mac didn't even get as far as startup. It just displayed a frozen cursor on a grey screen.

By disconnecting the scanner and just running the Zip Drive things are fine. I tied swapping the leads round on the SCSI devices and sometimes the Mac would start up and freeze and sometimes just freeze with the grey screen. I tried it with both the CD-ROM and Iomega extensions turned off and things seemed to be okay until I tried to access the scanner from Photoshop, nothing happened and I had to force the program to quit. I tired again and got a message that 'Photoshop cannot bring up the Scan maker plug in.'

I have an old Scanman hand held scanner so I tried substituting that in the chain. The Mac booted up but when I tied to use the scanner i got another error message. This time 'attempt to open ScanMan driver caused an unknown system error.' This time trying to do anything in the finder just resulted in the watch icon appearing and nothing happening. I was forced to crash the Mac.

The Mac and the Zip drive work quite happily without the scanner but as I use the scanner a lot for my work this situation can't really go on. I've tried initialising the hard disk and reinstalling all the system software and other software from scratch but the problem persists. Any suggestions would be most welcome. I have a feeling that this is a system problem.

This is a lowdown on the machine

System: Version B1-7.5.3, Tuner integrated into System Software.
QuickDraw:  Version 2.4.1 (32-bit QuickDraw).
Internal 32 Bit QuickDraw: 1.4.1.
AppleTalk: Version 0 installed.
Communications Tool Box: Version 7.5 installed.
A/UX: Not installed.
Script Manager: Version 7.5 installed.
Text Edit: Version 5 installed.
Time Manager: Version 3 installed.

••• CPU info •••

Macintosh:   Power Macintosh.
ROM: Version 125 (32-bit only AV ROM).
Processor: 68020.
Page Memory Management Chip: Unknown.
Floating point processor: Not present.
SY6522 Versatile Interface Adapter (VIA1):  Present.
SY6522 Versatile Interface Adapter (VIA2):  Present.
Apple Sound Chip: Not Present.
Zilog Serial Communications Controller:  Present.
Keyboard: Extended ISO ADB.
Monitor Info: 640 x 480, Main screen, Active, Color, 16 bits per pixel.

••• Memory info •••

Physical RAM size: 49152K.
Logical RAM size: 49152K.
Size of Low Memory Area: 10K.
Virtual Memory: Not present.
Addressing mode: 32-bit only.
32 bit System zone:  Present.
Parity RAM: Not capable.
Growable System Heap: True.
Temporary memory support: Real and tracked.

••• Drivers •••

# 3  (in ROM)  .Sound
# 4  (in ROM)  .Sony
# 5  (in ROM)  .AIn
# 6  (in ROM)  .AOut
# 7  (in ROM)  .BIn
# 8  (in ROM)  .BOut
# 9  (in RAM)  .MPP
#35  (in RAM)  .AppleCD
#37  (in RAM)  .SC/IOMEGA
#45  (in RAM)  .ATM
#48  (in RAM)  .ipp
#49  (in ROM)  .EDisk
#50  (in RAM)  .Display_Video_Apple_Valkyrie
#51  (in RAM)  .AppleSoundInput
#52  (in ROM)  .BCScreen
#53  (in RAM)  .ATDrvr
#55  (in RAM)  .Houdini
#59  (in RAM)  .PartDriver
#60  (in RAM)  .PrinterShare
#61  (in RAM)  .KCMD1
#63  (in RAM)  .IPC

••• Extension loading order •••

This boot, the following Extensions loaded in this order:

Extension                       Version                    'sysz'  Sys Heap    Other
At Ease 7.5 Layer Patch             1.0       (NA)      (NA)     (NA)
WorldScript™ Power Adapter        7.5.3       (NA)      (NA)     (NA)
($1)Disinfectant INIT               3.6        20k      (NA)     (NA)
  NSM Toolbox                     7.0.1       292k      (NA)     (NA)
A/ROSE                            1.2.1        48k       -16        0
AMMS MPEG Decoder                   1.0       512k     18320        0
Apple CD-ROM                      5.1.7        72k     64256        0
Apple Guide                     B1-2.0.        64k     20672        0
Apple Photo Access               B1-2.1       (NA)         0        0
AppleScriptLib                      1.1       (NA)         0        0
AppleScript™                        1.1       320k     43536        0
At Ease Startup                   2.0.3        16k       -80        0
Audio CD Access                     5.1       (NA)         0        0
Audio Volume Extension              1.1       (NA)      7152        0
Claris Kermit Tool                1.0v1       (NA)         0        0
Click, there it is!             1.0.6b0        20k     17232        0
Clipping Extension                7.1.4       (NA)         0        0
ColorSync™                        1.0.5       320k     35712        0
Colour Picker                   B1-2.0.       320k      1168        0
Discolour                          1.01         9k      4064        0
DW Series 6.0                       6.0       (NA)         0        0
EtherTalk Phase 2                 2.5.7       (NA)         0        0
File Sharing Extension          B1-7.6.       (NA)         0        0
Find File Extension               1.1.1       (NA)         0        0
Finder Scripting Extension      B1-7.5.       (NA)         0        0
Findit INIT                         1.0        32k     38496        0
Foreign File Access              B1-5.1       153k    127952        0
High Sierra File Access             5.1       (NA)         0        0
HP Background                      3.07       (NA)         0        0
HP CMM                            2.0.6       (NA)         0        0
HP PrintMonitor                    3.07       (NA)         0        0
Iomega Driver                       4.3       200k    114992        0
ISO 9660 File Access                5.1       (NA)         0        0
JPEGView JFIF Preview             1.0.1       (NA)         0        0
KODAK PRECISION CP                2.4.1       (NA)      3888        0
KODAK PRECISION CP1               2.4.1       (NA)         0        0
KODAK PRECISION CP2               2.4.1       (NA)         0        0
Macintalk 3                      B1-1.4       (NA)         0        0
Network Extension               B1-7.5.       (NA)         0        0
ObjectSupportLib                  1.0.2       (NA)         0        0
PowerPC Monitors Extension       B1-7.5       (NA)         0        0
Printer Share                     1.1.3        32k     12432        0
PrintMonitor                      7.1.2       (NA)         0        0
QuickDraw™ GX Helper              1.1.4       (NA)       -16        0
QuickTime 2.0 AMMS Update           1.0       (NA)         0        0
QuickTime™                          2.5       384k     50096        0
QuickTime™ Musical Instruments      2.5       (NA)       -64        0
QuickTime™ PowerPlug                2.5       384k       928        0
Screen Posters                      3.0        84k     58032        0
Serial Tool                       1.0.2       (NA)         0        0
Serial Update 406                    1.       (NA)      1664        0
Sound Manager                     3.2.1        96k      6720        0
Speech Manager                      1.4       320k      7184        0
Startup Tuner                       1.1       (NA)         0        0
Text Preview                        1.0       (NA)         0        0
Text Tool                         1.0.1       (NA)         0        0
TokenTalk Phase 2                 2.5.7       (NA)         0        0
TTY Tool                          1.0.1       (NA)         0        0
Video Digitiser Update           B1-1.0       (NA)         0        0
VT102 Tool                        1.0.2       (NA)         0        0
XMODEM Tool                         1.1       (NA)         0        0
ZapTCP 1.2                         v1.2       (NA)      2624        0
After Dark 3.0                      3.0       228k    190592        0
Apple Menu Options              B1-1.1.        62k     63136        0
Button Disabler                     1.1       (NA)      3056        0
Date & Time                      B1-7.5        16k      4864        0
Desktop Patterns                    7.5       (NA)         0        0
Energy Saver                     B1-1.2       (NA)     16048        0
Flash-It 3.0.2                    3.0.2        32k     20624        0
Gamma                               2.0       (NA)       -16        0
General Controls                B1-7.5.        32k     23712        0
Launcher                         B1-2.8       (NA)       -16        0
Macintosh Easy Open             B1-1.1.       100k     14128        0
MacTCP                            2.0.6        97k    152080        0
Memory                          B1-7.5.         6k         0        0
Mouse                             7.5.3       (NA)       -32        0
PC Exchange                     B1-2.0.        92k     18896        0
PopChar                           2.7.1        19k     18544        0
PPPfloater                          1.2       (NA)      8016        0
Screen                            1.0.7       (NA)         0        0
Speech                          B1-1.4.       (NA)        16        0
WindowShade                       1.3.1       (NA)      6464        0
~ATM™                               4.0      1192k   1084080        0
~FreePPP Menu                     2.5v2       (NA)      6496        0

••• Applications •••

Below is a list of applications found on the boot volume.

Application                                                   Version  

 HyperStudio 2.0                                               2.0.95
 Myst                                                            1.01
 Spelunx                                                          2.0
 Tutorial Part 2                                                  1.1
 Tutorial Part 2                                                  1.1
Acrobat™ Reader 3.0                                               3.0
Add Alias to Apple Menu                                           7.5
AddMail 2.0b4                                                   2.0b4
Adobe Photoshop™ 3.0                                            3.0.1
Alert When Folder Changes                                    B1-7.5.1
AppleCD Audio Player                                           B1-2.1
At Ease Setup                                                B1-2.0.3
Back It Up                                                       (NA)
BackupFolderToURL                                                (NA)
BMP AutoTyper                                                     3.2
Change Monitor to 256                                             7.5
Change Monitor to B&W                                             7.5
ClarisWorks 3.0                                                3.0Bv1
Coloring Book 3.0                                                    
Copy Machine                                                      1.0
Copy Machine Help (Pre-7.5)                                      v4.5
Desktop Patterns                                                  7.5
Disinfectant                                                      3.6
DiskFit Direct                                                    1.0
DiskSweeper                                                     1.0.0
Documentation                                                     1.1
DOS Compatibility                                                 1.5
DropUpload                                                       (NA)
ePress 4.0                                                        4.0
Eudora Light                                                    1.5.4
Fast Unfrag 1.0                                                  1.0
Fetch 3.0.1                                                     3.0.1
Find File                                                    B1-1.1.2
Find Original from Alias                                          7.5
Findit                                                            1.0
Findit Help                                                      v4.6
Findit Intro                                                     v4.6
FreePPP 2.5v2 Reference                                           1.4
FreePPP Setup                                                   2.5v2
Gabriele de Simone                                                4.0
GIF AutoTyper                                                     3.2
GraphicConverter                                                2.2.2
Graphing Calculator                                            B1-1.0
Helpful Tips                                                   B1-1.6
Hide/Show Folder Sizes                                            7.5
HP PrintMonitor                                                  3.07
HyperCard Player                                               B1-2.3
HyperStudio 2.0 Player                                        2.0.95r
Introduction to ClarisWorks                                     3.1.1
Invaders! 1.2                                                     1.2
Iomega Guest                                                      1.1
Iomega Guest Help                                                v4.6
Iomega Software Manual                                           v4.6
Jigsaw Puzzle                                                B1-1.0.1
JPEG AutoTyper                                                    3.2
JPEGView                                                          3.3
JPEGView image summary                                           (NA)
JPEGView JFIF To PICT                                            (NA)
JPEGView Preview & Icon                                          (NA)
JPEGView Slide Show                                              (NA)
Kid Pix 2                                                    Vers 2.0
Launch Tutorial Part 2                                            1.1
Launch Welcome Sequence                                        B1-1.1
Letter Land v1.5.1                                               (NA)
MacPaint AutoTyper                                                3.2
MacroMind Player                                                3.1.3
Mavis Beacon™ 2.0                                            MB 2.0.1
Metrowerks                                                        4.0
Millie's Math House                                               1.1
Monstrous Media Kit                                             1.4.2
MoviePlayer                                                       2.5
MPEG2Decoder Fat                                                1.1.5
MPEGSplit Fat                                                   1.1.1
Netscape Navigator™ 3.0                               3.0 [en_US] (Ma
NewsWatcher                                                     2.1.3
NewsWatcher Doc (postcard)                                        1.2
Note Pad                                                       B1-7.5
Oh No! More Lemmings                                              1.0
Performa Helpline                                              B1-1.4
Performa Tutorial                                              B1-1.0
Phone Numbers                                                  B1-1.9
PICT AutoTyper                                                    3.2
PrintMonitor                                                    7.1.2
RealAudio Player                                                  3.0
Register Now Startup Manager                                     (NA)
Release Notes                                                    v4.6
Remove Welcome Sequence                                           1.1
RunA3M.ppc                                                      3.5F1
Script Editor                                                B1-1.1.1
Segment It                                                       (NA)
Share a Folder                                               B1-7.5.2
Share a Folder (no Guest)                                    B1-7.5.2
Sharing Your Computer                                             1.5
Show!                                                            1.03
SimpleText                                                     B1-1.2
SlideShow                                                    Vers 2.0
Sparkle Fat                                                     2.4.5
Start File Sharing                                                7.5
Startup Screen AutoTyper                                          3.2
Stickies                                                     B1-1.0.1
Stop File Sharing                                                 7.5
StuffIt Expander™                                               4.0.2
StuffIt Lite User’s Guide                                        v4.1
StuffIt Lite™                                                     3.5
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Can you describe the SCSI IDs of all the devices and your termination?
Check you've terminated the SCSI chain correctly.

You could also try something like 'Conflict Catcher'.
If you're looking for a simple answer, then reject this one...

Get Norton Utilities. Install it and allocate say 10MB to Norton Disk Doctor.

Restart with the system CD you should have gotten with the Performa 6320. (If you didn't, call 1-800-SOS-APPLE and ask for one. They may charge you $20 for the CD, but it's worth it IMHO.)

Restart from the CD (hold the "C" key), then run NDD on your startup drive. Re-run NDD until it no longer reports "Major Problems Found."

Detach your external SCSI devices, and try to restart with extensions off.

Go to Extensions Manager, and select "System 7.5.x only." Restart.

No problems? Power down, attach the Iomega ZIP drive and restart. (First make sure the SCSI ID's, cables, cable connections and terminator are good.)

No problems? Go to Extensions Manager and turn on the Iomega extensions. Restart. If it doesn't work properly, restart with extensions off and reinstall the Iomega drivers. Restart once again.

If this doesn't work, you need to reinstall your system. You can use the system CD to repair damaged system files, but I prefer the more laborious method...

Trash the Finder and System file in the System Folder, then rename System Folder to Old System Folder. Restart from the system CD, and reinstall your system.

Attach the Iomega ZIP drive and reinstall its drivers (temporarily set its terminator switch to "On"). Restart.

If it works properly, attach the scanner and install its drivers (redo those terminator switches and get those SCSI ID's right). Restart.

If everything works properly, you can copy files from the Control Panels, Control Panels (Disabled), Control Strip Modules, Extensions, Extensions (Disabled) and Preferences folders from Old System Folder to the newly created System Folder. Do this step incrementally, and don't write over any newly installed files.

Use the same approach to copy over any other files and folders that appear in Old System Folder that aren't in the newly created System Folder.

If it turns out you don't need to reinstall your system, you merely have an extension conflict. Again, I use the old-fashioned approach -- add extensions and control panels one-by-one, restarting in between each addition. That is the surest way to catch any and all conflicts.

As you find them, take note, reinstall the extension or control panel, and try again. If the conflict persists, you must stop using one of the conflicting extensions. I have that problem on my Quadra 900, and use different startup sets saved in Extensions Manager.

Happy restarting.

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That sounds exactly like a SCSI ID conflict... and you say- no no it was working fine for a long time.  Here is what happened to me and it took me a LONG time to figure out-  a SCSI jumper FELL off one of my drives and made it the same ID as another drive.  It would only screw up SOMETIMES because it was two drives that were the same.  However if its something that gets accessed during startup and the ID is the same as something else-  you will get the crash more consistantly.  

I also have seen a situation where someone accidentally hit the scsi id changer on a drive and it started producing intermitant screwups.  Very tricky to track.  The thing that makes me think its the ID is that swapping of the cables.  Changing the length of the cables will change how likely two devices with the same ID will have packets on the bus that run into each other.

I have to agree with everyone elses answer. SCSI TERMINATiON and ID conflicts are the first thing I'd check!

I've seen problems like this that appear out of the blue.

However, you said it all started after a crash. There is a possibility that the crash actually caused physical damage to the platter (hard disk) and this causes random read and write errors. When the system reads code off the disk and its gets corrupted it can cause crashes.

There was something else I wanted to say but I forgot. I noticed you have A/ROSE installed on your computer. This should be harmless but it doesnt do anything on the powermacs. So you can remove it.

eastAuthor Commented:
Its a great answer but unfortunately nothing worked. In the end I bought a couple of new leads and the whole thing started smiling again and buzzing away with no problem. So it seems that it may always be best to check the little things before you start digging around inside the Mac. Thanks again anyway.
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