What hardware/software for NT CGI developer

I've been programming for 25 years. Now I've decided to bite-the-bullet and expand my skillset. I want to learn web site development with emphasis on CGI, dynamicly built web pages, database interface, etc. So I need to setup a server, in addition to my regular PC for development. I'm currently running a Pentium-166 32mgRAM 2 gig drive ISDN.

What is the minimum hardware configuration I should consider for setting up an NT box to act as a local server for CGI development? I'll be installing SQL Server and DEVELOPING WITH MICROFOST'S NEW VISUAL SUITE. I guess I'll also need to run Frontpage too. Right?

I'd appreciate a laundry list of hardware and software I should purchase.

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If you want to do serious CGI-developement, and you have previous programming experience, Perl is the way to go. It's easy, C-like, and very, very flexible. As an experienced programmer you'll find it very intelligent.

I would recommend the following:
Use your existing hardware, it's more than enough for developement, both as server and workstation. I'm currently using a P166, 64 MB RAM, 6 GB HD as a web-hotell for 40 virtual domains, and I'm still developing on the very same machine!

Just make sure your disks are fast, and if you have NT 4.0 installed, you'll probably need more RAM. 64 to 128 is recommended.

- Install NT 4.0 server if you haven't done so.

- Get Win32 perl from http://www.hip.com/

- Get a good perl-referencebook, preferably one that emphasises web-site developement. I recommend Perl 5 by Example, it's available in full on line at http://mtolive.com/pbe/

- Check out your local CPAN-archive for gateways to your databasesystems. Many such archive exist, try

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volkingAuthor Commented:
I appreciate your suggestions but their not relevant to my question. I've already done some heavy thinking about Perl vs Java vs VB vs ??? and I've made my decision. Allow me to re-emphasize ...


I'm not saying Perl isn't a good solution, I'm just saying, "that's not what I'm going to use."
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volkingAuthor Commented:
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As far as software goes, you shouldn't need anything more than
what you have mentioned... all of the Microsoft products.
Meaning NT Server, SQL Server, and the Visual Suite.
  I wouldn't worry about having Frontpage unless you really have no confidence in yourself to write html ( a very simple task for
someone who has been writing code for 25 years ).
  We run a dual pentium 166 pc server, but it also supports
_many_ simultaneous connections. For in house development,
you can get by with 64 megs of ram and a 133 processor.
Of course, you can increase your performance by adding to that

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