Find and Replace HTML files on Mac

Can anyone help - I'm looking for a program that will do a find and replace
of text within multiple HTML files. I've got BBEdit Lite which does this,

Does anyone know of a program which will find long text strings? I've looked
at HTML Grinder, but this only does 256 characters too!

Can anyone give me a name of a program which can definitely find and replace more than 256 characters please.

Chris Dawson
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joesixpackConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If your'e not familiar with Perl, you can best use HTMLgrinder. Alas, I don't use it myself (I do the Perl stuff at my company...), but my collegues are enthousistic about it. This is what they tell you:

html-grinder-31.hqx, 1422 K

                                                              HTML Grinder Web site management software, the perfect complement to your HTML editor. More than 18 powerful tools:
multi-file find and replace, check links, change filenames, build tables of contents, and lots more. Download the Grinder in Demo mode and keep the Find and Replace tool for FREE!  Visit for more info.
goto   then choose macintosh then choose html accesories and then choose the file you need
cdawsonAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the lead. However, I couldn't see anything there that looked like the answer. I've spent several hours downloading various shareware programs trying to find something that will find and replace MORE THAN 256 CHARACTERS in one go in multiple files. Most (like BBedit) only go up to 256 in the find field.

Can you give me a name of some software to do this. Shareware or otherwise. (Using PERL has been suggested, but I want something a bit more user friendly!)
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cdawsonAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
cdawsonAuthor Commented:

cdawsonAuthor Commented:
As I said in my question, I looked at HTML Grinder; I don't think it does more than 256 characters. Can your colleagues clarify this/check it out?

The main reason for this question is to find something to do MORE than 256 characters at a time!
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