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C library fro FoxPro

Does exist C library (and its source code) to handle FoxPro database files and index files?
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Check out this address. There are several programs gathered there that should do what you need.

szokiAuthor Commented:

Does this mean that none of those files did what you want?
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szokiAuthor Commented:
Yes it does. I need C source code that can handle FoxPro DBF and its index files. The CodeBase is too large and slow.

 Well, I've not check the web page emmons refered to you but since you used the word CodeBase I figure you know this product
at least by the name. I've use CodeBase from SEQUITER (403-448-0313) during 2 years 1/2 a couple of years ago and I remember that I modified the source they provided, ie their librairies. You said that it was 'too big and too slow' I think,
but you can modify the source yourself and get some technical
assistance from them to do so if you want to reduce the size.
However, it can take more than a day to reduce the library size... It depends of how much this investment in time is necessary, but you can imagine perfectly that if you need a package that access databases like these one you need a minimum size.. I really don't believe that you'll find any equivalent and
your only possibility is to call them and ask an evaluation about
the time it could take for a programmer to remove the screen interfaces from the librairies by modifying the sources and keep
just the database API. If they are smart enough, they probably
improved their new versions to get as much independance between
both functionalities since I figure this is the kind of complain
they met several times...But your only possibility is to modify
the librairies and ask them before how long they think it can take to keep just the database functions.
1- Sequiter (Codebase) contains all you need to access Foxpro files.
It is slow and big but you can decreese the size and increese the speed using several techniques and options.
Some tips:
- Remove unneeded library entries,
- Examine all possible Preprocessor variables . There are several options that can give quite a size decreese or speed increese
- Remove all the bugs (if you can find them)
- Try several approches to access the files ...

If these tips won't help ... Strip the code until there's only the minimal source code left to establish all you need ...

Once again .. If you need a library with source code ... Codebase is one of the best on the market ...

szokiAuthor Commented:
OK, I see the best solution is to strip the code of CodeBase.
I have tried different lilbraries to access FoxPro (and DBASE) and found CodeBase is the best one, so I suggest you continue with the approach suggested above.

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